Hi guys! Today’s guest feature comes from my good friend, Chizotam. Please read and enjoy.

“Enjoy the moments as they come before they become memories.”

I remember…
Growing up as a child,
Having piano lessons, never practising till just before my teacher came, and hoping he wouldn’t notice that I hadn’t.
I wish I had taken those lessons seriously.
I wasn’t so bad on the keys.

Sticking an aluminium fork in flames, and then pressing it against my sister’s leg, as she sat on one of the branches of a tree.
She almost killed me.

My sister giving me half of an orange, with so much affection.
I should have known she had creamed the top with a nice helping of salt.
You don’t want to know what that tastes like.
Trust me, I had my revenge some years ago; did the same to her.

My sister not liking me much when we were very little.
Well I don’t blame her.
She had basked in the glory of being an only child for two years, before I popped out and stole my parents’ attention, with my constant laughter and singing.

I was such a snitch as a child. Always telling on my sister, for any little thing she did that I didn’t like.
I guess that’s why she didn’t like me much then.

Ganging up with my sister to beat my little brother up.
My sister got into more trouble and I ended up with just a warning.
Can’t remember what my mum did to us, but that was the last time we ever fought.

Sharing two boxes of glazed doughnuts with Omo, Ehinome, Bianca, Britney and Adanna, every Sunday at Aunt Gina’s.
I miss my early, childhood summers and all the fun I had.

I miss being a child with no worries, no insecurities, no fears.
I miss being shielded from the world’s evils.

The Sunday drives down to ikoyi club with the family to swim, listening to Jackson 5, MJ, Curtis Mayfield, etc.
I guess that’s where I picked up a little love for those kinds of music.

I remember the first hot slap my mum gave me, for walking home alone from school when I was about seven years old.
This is one memory I will not like to re-live.

Spending weekends at my Grandma’s in Lawanson, when I was in Primary 4.
I know I didn’t cry when you died, Grandma, but I did a year after; when it really hit me that I would never see you again.

So many other memories that I can’t remember now,for some odd reason.

I wish I was a carefree child again with no worries in the world.
Life seemed so much easier.

With love from Oreoland,

What memories would you like to share? Any you’d want to re-live? Or not?
Feel free to drop them in the comment section! Chiz would love to know!


4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. My childhood is laced with memories of my Mother’s koboko and being Jibola; one week, one trouble.

    ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  2. My childhood memories…hmm… i remember running away from my cousin who came to pick my sister and I from school and ended up before a screeching car and a very angry driver!

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